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Hello People, Welcome. It’s so good to be here. Guys, we’ve been waiting for so long to share some great stuff with you and well, we are very happy that it’s the D-day… So, let’s do this #TeamoniteStartsBlogging

Teamonite…. Who?

Wait! What 😱? Some of you still don’t know who we are? Really 😯! Okay! No big deal! Let’s do a proper introduction.

Teamonite Information

In short, we are a young and passionate team on this innovative project aiming to change the image of textile manufacturing by placing a 100% Mauritian brand on the global market very soon.

Teamonite Team
The Teamonite Team

We are sure that NOW you want absolutely to know how this special adventure all started! Take a deep breath and dive deeper in Our story.

What does this mean?

Alright you might wonder; what does all this have to do with me?

Well, let we ask you something: Have you ever organised an event or party where you felt like something was missing? The WOW Factor maybe, or where you did not see the desired bonding effect amongst the guests?

Most probably Yes!

You now have THE solution for your next big event.

Yes, Yes Yes! is the FIRST and ONLY online shop in Mauritius that allows you to customise yourself high-quality t-shirts, polos, sportswear and other accessories with YOUR unique design, company logo, photo or text. We also have long sleeve t-shirt for men and women ready for winter.

For all our customers who have already been WOW by the Teamonite Experience, THANK YOU and keep that energy growing by choosing to be different and creative in what you wear 👏👏👏.

What If?

For those who have not yet explored the possibilities of our design tool, you must be having either many creative ideas or questions coming up to your mind!

“What if I want to have a polo with my photo and gift it to my girlfriend? What if I order customised t-shirts for everyone coming to my Mom’s 60th Birthday? What if I need my order urgently for a next day event? What if I plan to order more than 100 pieces for a product launch? What if it does not match my budget? What if I want to have an exclusive style for my team?”

What if, What if, What if?

Don’t panic. 

Our website has been designed such that it answers all your “What if”. It is simple, easy to understand and you can complete your order within clicks. For your specific queries, you can check our FAQ or get in touch with our Sales team.

Teamonite Sales Representative - Aurelie
Aurélie will be happy to assist you.

What now?

We also wish to build a strong and engaged community to spread the word and unleash creative ideas on how by customising your outfits for yourself, your guests or for your team, events that you are organising can be unique, wow and create an outstanding bonding effect.

So, get ready to enjoy what this blog has to offer you in terms:

  • Teamonite News
  • Products & Services
  • Press Releases
  • Get Inspired
  • General Tips

Until then, you can share with us your exceptional online experiences while designing, genuine comments on the products & services without forgetting some of your best pictures taken during your events with the customised outfits ordered from Teamonite. See you very soon. . . .

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