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Boost your promotional campaigns with custom outfits

How do I increase my brand visibility? This is THE question most startups and even established brands have in their minds! πŸ€” Of course, one winning strategy is to do a promotional campaign. Still, how to do it? How to maximise the return on investment? 😐 Where to start? 

Sounds familiar? Let’s see how to do it!

Sometimes you can do more with less…

For most of us, promotional campaigns are associated with expensive billboards. At the same time, the main concern is also the budget πŸ’°. Bearing these 2 facts in mind, you might feel despair. But, it might amaze you that a T-shirt can be as effective as these traditional media or even better. Imagine the person wearing your promotional T-shirts as your free walking-talking billboard 🀩. With your whole team wearing your T-shirt, you can spread your message much faster! Even more, your promotional wear can outlast the campaign so that your brand remains visible for longer.

The good news is that T-shirts are affordable outfits so that for a lower budget, you can have a higher return on investment πŸ€‘

Unleash your creativity and beat the competition

You can see a T-shirt as a blank canvas of 30 x 40 cm both front and back on which you can make a design that is unique and striking πŸ‘š. Be it for a product launch or trade show, you certainly want to stand out from the competition. It only takes an eye-catching design and appealing tagline to capture the attention of your customers.

Make your promotional campaign a success

At Teamonite, you have the right set of products and services to wow your promotional campaigns. Whether you need promotional items or corporate gifts such as personalised long sleeve t-shirts, polos, banners, caps, flags and tote bags, we help you choose and design the best products. You can select between print and embroidery as decoration techniques.

😊 Rest assured that your company image is our concern, this is why our products:

  • Have been made using high-quality materials
  • Have been engineered to make your decoration stand out.
  • Are available in various colours and size to match your company colours.
  • Offer the perfect fitting for all morphologies
  • Have the highest durability for a β€˜Stay New’ look

Start designing your personalised products now

Being an online shop, Teamonite makes it easy for you to design personalised products within clicks: 1. Select 2. Customise 3.Order.

We deliver for free within 10 working days, wherever you are in Mauritius.Β 

Here are some photos of Teamonite personalised products to get you started πŸ˜‰:

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