Having the expertise of fabric and garment manufacturing for long years now, all our products have been engineered with particular properties to suit your specific end use.

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A duo-concept which is not specific to any gender; designed to fit perfectly both men and women. Our high quality promotional t-shirt and polo shirt are ideal to wow your big group events by uniting the team together.

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Specially cut for a fitted silhouette and exclusively made for a feminine look.

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Specially cut for a fitted silhouette and exclusively made for a masculine look.

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Priced to fit all group’s budget for events such as celebrations, team building, promotional and awareness campaigns. Available in our Silver product range.

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All products have been crafted with carefully selected fabrics and accessories for a soft feel adapting to different environments such that you are comfortable during your specific activities.

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Wow your event by selecting products from our wide range of available colours that best match your needs. Check out the Gold product range for the largest colour palette.


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Picking the correct sizes for the whole team can be a hassle and even stressful. The EasyFit Technology has been specifically designed to cater for those margins of errors when guessing the person’s size. For example, if you ordered either size S or L for a person who normally wears size M, the latter will feel equally comfortable in these closest sizes.

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With fabrics having stretch, your garment is more durable and does not pull out of shape during stretching and laundry. Most important, it brings you more comfort and fits perfectly to allow free body movements.

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Products with this property have stood the test of time! With its heavyweight fabric blended with polyester and cotton, it is comfortable to be worn all year-round. The Long durability t-shirts and polo shirts are ideal for group uniforms.

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Enjoy comfort in an elegant professional style with our Premium Golfer from the Platinum product range. You are sure to wow your event with your team standing out of the crowd. Available in both men and women.

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Save time with products that uses easy machine washing standards and requires minimum ironing and care yet giving a great appearance when worn.

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A specialised technique applied during fabric production to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and fight against odours. You will feel comfortable and confident during your indoor or outdoor workouts and sport activities.

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The Dry Fit Technology used on the sportswear range represents a specially engineered fabric that drives moisture and sweat away from the body to the fabric surface where these evaporate. It contributes significantly in keeping you dry, cool and comfortable during workouts and sports activities.

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Our sportswear tops have been designed with special breathable materials allowing air to flow in and out easily that helps cool the body where it is needed the most. This allows optimal comfort and performance.

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